Week 9

My Future!

Ridhi’s Blog Challenge Week 9 by mrwoods on GoAnimate

I am what people might call a “Perfectionist”. I like to be absolutely sure of what is going to happen and to do this I plan and organize pretty much everything. So, it was really no surprise when I chose to write about my future since it would be easy for me because I  already know what I want to do, when I want to do it, etc.

I always want to study in a reputed school or specialized program which will help me later on in life and be a step ahead of the others. For example, in grade 6 (next year) I am going to middle school and will be taking a course on business and technology called IBT. To get a spot in this program I needed to score high in their entrance test and be kind of lucky for the lottery part of it. In high school, I want to follow the same standards, but maybe a different program. For university, I want to study in Harvard majoring in either business, medical or law and I would like to minor in literature. I’ve started preparing now, believe it or not, by doing various extracurricular activities and achieving good grades.

Now my career……I will become a lawyer, businesswoman or doctor (depending on what I major in). I will definitely be a part time author. Both my parents are in the technology field, so I will probably incorporate coding and computer science somewhere in my profession. My main focus will be my work and my writing. If something I write becomes popular, I might quit my job and become a full-time author!

When I grow up, I want to have 2 children; a boy and a girl. I’m not sure if I’ll move since Canada is such a nice country, but who knows what could happen! I want to my house to always be tidy and neat because dirty isn’t really my style.


My future is something that I have planned out perfectly and I hope nothing goes wrong! You should, of course, always keep a backup plan for an unexpected setback which is something I do have……but that’s a post for another day!

Week 8

A slideshow that I created on ‘Animoto’ about different ways kids worldwide get to school….If I missed anything let me know in a comment!

Week 4

Here is a REALLY simple story that I wrote:

“Jenny goes to the market. On the way, she sees a store called ‘Scooter Palace’ which is having a sale. A pink scooter catches her eye. She buys it and then rides it all the way home!” Now, here is that same story in pictures:


Week 3

The challenge of the week–Blog Challenge Week 3– is here! I made my “Interactive Poster” on a site called “Kerpoof!”. The site is owned and operated by Walt Disney! Anyways, enough with that; here it is! (If you click on it, it gets bigger!)


Week 2

Hey Everybody!

Guess what? The Student Blogging Challenge has started up again! Our class started at Week #2. For this challenge, I chose to do “Activity #4”: Create a quiz about your state or country. I live in Canada so I called mine “Canada Quiz”. Unfortunately, the website that I used to create my test didn’t allow me to embed it. But, no worries! If you just click on the link below, you could take a quiz of 10 Cool Canadian questions! Good Luck and Have Fun!!!!!☺☻