Blog Challenge Week #5

Hi Everyone! For some odd reason, I am unable to edit my pages. So, I cannot update the “Blog Challenges” page. Thus, I will be posting on the home page until I can get it working again. This week’s challenge was about memories; I did “Activity 5″ on “Bitstrips”. Here is what I did for “Blog Challenge Week #5″


The Top 10 Most Famous Women Astronauts

 1. Valentina Tereshkova- First woman in space!

2. Eileen Collins- First woman space shuttle commander!

3. Christa McAuliffe- NASA’s first “Teacher-In-Space”!

(Tragically dies 73 sec. After being launched)

4. Svetlana Savitskaya- First woman to walk in space!

5. Anna Fisher- First person to retrieve a malfunctioning satellite!

     6. Kalpana Chawla- First Indian-American astronaut!

        7. Mae Jemison- First African-American woman in space!

8. Anousheh Ansari- First Iranian woman in space!

9. Ellen Ochoa- First Hispanic woman in space!

10. Roberta Bondar- First Canadian female in space!

Autism Puzzle Piece

April is “Autism Awareness Month”. We have a student with autism in our class and our teacher thought it would be cool if we did a descriptive piece inside an autism puzzle piece. Well, here is mine!


“The Concert” Pictures

Here is a writing piece and collage about our concert yesterday!


Last night the performance was absolutely amazing! Everybody worked really hard and it paid off because the show was great. I think all the little shows were very creatively shown for the topic of the concert, “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

My family told me afterward that we all did a fantastic job and the message was very clear. They also said that in our performance all the speakers spoke loud and clear and all the holders did a terrific job moving the props. They said, “You all were very nice and the production was nice.”

I learned how important it was for the speakers’ voices to be loud and clear by watching the supervising staff correct all the low and unclear words. If the narrators themselves can’t be understood, then how will the audience understand the skit?

Our Concert…

Hello everybody!

Our grade-level concert is fast approaching on the 18th of February. We are all really excited and cannot wait to put on a breathtaking show. We will be doing it with the grade 4′s and it is going to be amazing!!!! Our class is doing a black light show with one of the other 5th grade classes. I think our teachers got this very interesting idea from our recent visit to Famous People Players. They are a radical group of people who have put together many shows with tremendous support from friends, family and fans! For more information, google: “Famous people players”.  Anyway, back to the concert, our play is based on a book. I am voicing a macaw who lives in the jungle and with other animals are trying to change the mind of a man who is trying to destroy their home. We are all trying our very best and will definetely put on a stunning show. I hope that I can post a video of it. Other ways that I am involved in the concert are through choir and choir instruments. That’s all for now.

Will post again soon,

Ridhi ☻☺



Top 5 fish for beginners (10+ gallon aquarium)

Hi everyone! This is a post about the top 5 hardy fish to get if you have a 10 gallon aquarium. I write from experience, and I hope that I don’t mislead you. So, here it goes:

1) Cory Catfish- These little guys are really cute bottom-dwellers who feed on algae and fish flakes. Really friendly with any other aquarium fish and really easy to care for. 

Here is a picture of the panda variety. Other popular species include albino and peppered cory catfish.

2) Tetras- Another awesome bunch of fish. They are much more colourful then cories. Quite easy to take care of, except when they have fry, which is quite frequently! They are sensitive and the some need larger tanks than others. *Don’t be fooled by the unusual appearence of the rummy-nose tetra, which is extremely difficult to care for*

Here you can see some cardinal tetras. Other species include bleeding-heart and neon tetras.

3) Female bettas- These beautiful ladies are really compatible with other fish. They drift quite elegantly through the water and are recommended for 5 gallon tanks. Be sure to get females, though, the males are more pretty, but also REALLY agressive.

Take a look at some female bettas. They come in an assortment of different colours.

4)Platies- Another colourful variety of fish, like the tetras. Attractive, but things can get pretty intense between two males when there is not enough females. They also breed very easily.

Here are some platies eating. This variety is called Marble platies. Other species include blue and sunset platies.

5) Guppies- Another easy-to-breed type of fish. They are also very popular and as colourful as platies and tetras. Babies do need to be fed   4-5 times a week and their tank needs to be cleaned 3 times a week.

Check out some guppy fish.

Hi and wecome to my blog! Please check out everything… and leave a comment! The newspaper is something that I am very passionate about, and I am pretty sure that you can infer that I love writing. Any more questions? No problem ask me! Posts will continue popping up. That’s all for now☺☻:)

Nelson Mandela- the South-African face of human rights

#bad13 #13stubc

Human rights, one of the few things we all have. Many people for this challenge probably listed them and their violations in different places, I did not. I decided that people should know how important they are and that you should never give them up. Rolihlahla Mandela was born on July 18, 1918 and he is still alive! Mandela lived in South Africa, as a young boy his first name was changed to Nelson because of his British school system.  He was adopted by  chief Dalindyebo after lung disease killed his father. As a teenager, Nelson ran away from home to Johannesburg when his foster father fixed an alliance for him. He was already interested in the racism the people of his country had to endure (not equal to British) and joined a party of Africans who felt that they deserved equality. In his life he worked hard in different ways, like protests to reach his goal. This eventually led to hard labour in prison, but he never gave up. It was only a matter of time before his courageous attitude led to him becoming the first black president of his country. When people relised how serious he was for everyone to get their personal rights, help began to come along with fame and awards. The nobel peace prize, Bharat Ratna and many more. In short, Mr. Mandela got his human rights through dedication, hard work and being patient through hard times.

Mandela at age 72